As you prepare to dine out in Katy, I want to provide you with the names of some excellent restaurants in the area. What type of food are you craving? Maybe you’re wide open, and you’re just looking for what dining establishment grabs your attention. There are quite a few in Katy TX, so allow me to be your guide for the night with these wonderful picks.

Tiger Noodle House is one of those picks, and its address is 21945 Katy Freeway. Try out pork pot stickers, sesame chicken, spring rolls and more at this top-ranked restaurant. Have you ever tried pineapple fried rice? Soup dumplings are also a favorite mentioned in the reviews, and people say that you can expect generous portions. There is evidently what’s called a ‘special recipe’ soup, too.

You can also try out Black Bear Diner, which is located at 24600 Katy Freeway. How does meatloaf sound to you? Maybe you want some pancakes, a delicious sandwich or biscuits and gravy, all of which are served up at this wonderful restaurant. If you like a big breakfast, home style cooking and huge portions, then Black Bear Diner would make for a great stop.

Algeria Brazilian Grill is located at 24449 Katy Freeway, and it is a cafeteria style restaurant. Enjoy plantains, grilled pineapple, steak, cheese bread and more. People say you can expect tasty food and friendly service. If you’re in the mood for authentic Brazilian food, then Algeria Brazilian Grill might be a good stop for you today. What do you think?

Newk’s Eatery is a great lunch stop according to the reviews. It is popular to order sandwiches and salads at this restaurant and soups, too. The Farmers Market sandwich is a menu favorite, and so is the Newk’s favorite salad. There is also a mac n’ cheese that contains five cheeses! Now that sounds scrumptious. The address for Newk’s Eatery is 20802 Katy Freeway.

That’s the four restaurant picks I selected to feature for you in this article. Where would you like to eat? Did one of these popular restaurants seem like one you want to visit for breakfast, lunch or dinner? If so, it’s time to hit the road so you can head on over for a great meal. The restaurants in Katy TX are something else, aren’t they? You’re talking about great food and great times to be had while dining out in Katy.