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What Should You Ask your Divorce Attorney During Your Consultation?

A divorce lawyer can affect everything from child custody, division of assets, to the duration of the divorce. Employing ALP Law Firm – cheap divorce lawyers in Houston Texas is very important in this situation. However, make sure not to simply settle for any divorce lawyer you meet. You need to guarantee that they are experienced and skilled to take your case. To help you know that, here are some of the questions you need to ask your prospective divorce attorneys before hiring one:

How will we communicate and how frequently would that be?

The key to be satisfied with your divorce lawyer and get a successful case is an open line of communication. As much as possible, you should be able to reach them right away. Hence, it’s important to ask about which way of communicating do they prefer. If they want to be contacted through phone, but you want to contact each other through emails, then they may not be the lawyer you’re looking for.

Apart from that, you need to clarify how long you must anticipate waiting for a reply. Knowing this in advance can help you save plenty of frustrations throughout the process. Lastly, if you need to be assured that your lawyer will be responsive to you, particularly when there’s a time-sensitive matter or an emergency situation that unexpectedly comes up.

How Long Will The Case Take?

Though no lawyer can provide you an assurance about how long your case will take, a skilled and seasoned divorce lawyer will have a general idea regarding how long cases like yours have endured. There are also a lot of variables that can affect the duration of the case. Some of these variables include spousal support, child support, child custody issues, and the number of assets that should be divided.

What’s your fee structure?

In your starting consultation, you need to ask them about the potential expenses so that you won’t be surprised eventually. Your lawyer must be accurate regarding the costs that you need to anticipate, like the hourly rate for your attorney, a retainer fee, and other billable expenses. Don’t hesitate to discuss this matter with them. If you think their services do not fit into your allotted budget for legal representation, then you should not employ such an attorney.

Do you specialize in divorce cases?

Family law is a specialized aspect of law. Hence, you need to prevent using the services of a general lawyer. Rather, you should choose a lawyer who specializes in divorces and family law. If you have children, it would be best to ask about their experience with child support and child custody.

A lawyer who is an expert and familiar with family law cases will be knowledgeable about the outs and ins of the divorce process, how to collaborate with other court personnel and attorneys effectively if you wind up standing on the court for the division of your assets, how to make things speed up, resolve child support problems, and child custody.

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